How to Chose the Right Ankle Surgery Specialist

As one of the larger joint in your body, your knees are always at risk of getting injured. This is especially true if you are active in sports such as basketball, soccer, rugby and athletics. Ankle injuries can also result from automobile accidents, a misstep on the stairs and even a slip in the kitchen. While most of the common ankle problems can be treated basing on conventional methods, extensive injuries may require corrective surgery so as to preserve a victim’s health. If the pushing comes to punching, it’s important to find the right ankle specialist to attend to your lower leg joint. Here are the essential takeaways to choosing an ankle surgery specialist.

Reasons Why You Might Need An Ankle Surgery Specialist

Ankle injuries vary from simple scratches that can be treated conventionally to multiple bone fractures calling for surgery. Basically, here are key reasons to visit an ankle specialist.

a. In a situation where you experience much pain, that is controllable with over-the-counter remedies. It may be an indication of a broken
bones, torn ligaments or bones moved out of place.

b. See a specialist if your injured foot can hardly support your own weight. Quite often, people with severe injuries cannot manage to take a few steps without experiencing sharp pain in their ankles.

c. If your ankle has a shape beyond that of a normal swelling. Signs such as protruding sections are a pointer to some broken bones.

d. Don’t hesitate to seek a specialist’s help if the ankle or the toe area loses its feeling.

e. Pain in the back part of your ankle, presence of red streaks or an injured foot and the swelling on the lower or the upper of the foot are other conditions should make visit a specialist for further screening.

Serious Ankle Injuries that can be Fixed by an Ankle Surgeon

Before opting to go for ankle surgery, ascertain that it’s actually the only option there is for the problem at hand. Basically, here are key situations where a specialist will be needed.

1. If the bones have moved out of position

In the case of a severe fracture, broken bones usually move out of position making it necessary to have a surgical procedure to realign the bones as well as fix them back to position.

2. Torn ligaments

Injury to the ligaments often happen when an individual accidentally twists the foot inwards. It’s uncommon small pieces of the ankle bones to get torn off with the ligaments. To repair such damage, a surgery will be needed.

3. If the fracture reaches the ankle joint.

When the damage is so extensive such that it reaches the ankle joint, then there isn’t another alternative to surgery. In this case, the¬†corrective surgery will help repair both the bones and ligaments.

4. If it touches on a growing bone in children.

Ankle injuries are common in children owing to their tender frame structure and their proactive nature. In case your child suffers Musculoskeletal injury that touches a growing bone, then it’s wise to take the kid to a specialist for corrective surgery.

Ankle injuries can be devastating. It can limit your mobility, dull your esteem and even alter your everyday activities.

For more information on foot care you can check out the Foot and Ankle Society.

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